We Can Achieve Together 


an International Business Company (IBC)

The 40-Year Journey

the path, the progress, the profoundness 

A Digital Exploration 

From 1983 to 1989 when computers 1st networked, data transferred and multi-directional communication was successful. 

From 1990 to 1998 when World Wide Web was released along with the 1st search engines, and the 1st online sales.

From 1999 to 2005 when the explosion of the dotcoms hit peaks & valleys and the 1 billion unique users mark was eclipsed.

From 2005 to 2015 the total users increase to 3.3 billion as social media and cryptocurrency are introduced.

From 2015 to 2022 the Digital Economy surpasses $15 Trillion GDP and becomes home to over 5.4 billion users.

The Historical reference and Internet timeline above is meant to show the unfathomable size the online world has become. To add to that, projections for 3 years from now show a $30 Trillion GDP on the modest side. Much like the estimated 6.75-7 billion total users or the 1.5 billion users online with financial purpose.

Statistics and estimates of this nature have entrepreneurs and creators alike, ecstatic in anticipation for more substantial online success. Unfortunately, this incomparable growth rate and the associated numbers are a single sided view. Think of this perspective equivalent to a beautiful, sunny day and the information below the dark, cold night that typically follows it.

Taking Another Look

Heading into 2023, it became increasingly clear that some very important numbers were absent. Numbers that weren't directly Internet History-related, but numbers that were significant as they were the reactionary results of Internet achievements and progress milestones. 

The impacts of which felt globally since 2020, giving way to an impassable crossroad involving social media, creative self-expression outlets, and financial opportunity venues. 

Questions like Where did the freedom of the Internet go? Is this acceptable? Is this even legal? Or more amicable, tossing caution to the wind views like It's not a tragedy so "no harm no foul," online business as usual-ish?!?

Freedom, Finally...Or Not?

As the Internet delivered a digital platform that gave the user anonymity,  freedom from controlling authorities, financial opportunity, and immediate, unlimited access to nearly all information available...in the world. 

But if you blinked before jumping on, the Internet has drastically changed. Now its a highly policed, secretly censored, misinformation overran, intricately tracked* platform meant to profile users and their locations, eliminating nearly all rights and privacy. 

*thank you Facebook and Google

Governance Confinement

Once the Internet became managed by governments, it seemed to limit people's ability to recognize how much further it was taken. Thus, overlooking the increasing trends of:


Almost all innovation comes from a need to resolve a pressing issue or serious problem. 

Almost all that has and will be invented comes from the desire to correct the limitations of what is existing or fulfill a valuable need. 

Almost all that evolves comes from a need to adapt due to a critical or catastrophic habitat or species survival threat.

...and this is where the We Can Achieve Together story truly begins...


Freedom to Be What You Want, Do What You Want, and, Secure Enough, to Try Whatever You Want!

As the 3-year economic realignment begins following the 2020 COVID Pandemic, centralized institutions and governments worldwide start implementing plans to reset their financial positions.  Many are finding it through adding a digital, highly regulated and heavily taxed, asset tied to their native hard currencies. 

Others are being creative with adding new revenue streams by acting more as big business than government. And for some, it's tightening budgets, reforming social welfare programs, or being less favorable with interest rates and overdue bank loans.

Within the next 6-18 months many governments will have their realignment programs in place and the resulting negative societal impact being felt almost everywhere and by nearly everyone. More specifically, industrialized nations and the majority of its citizens.

As people start to feel confined by new regulations, weakened financially by less control over their own money, and panicked due to less money to escape debt, it will already be beyond any window of voiced discontent. 

The only viable option to escape this impossible pattern would be to get involved in the booming Digital Economy as a business owner or creator as soon as possible. But be aware, even with more opportunity there is another layer of difficulty related to a preexisting competition pool of 25-50 million entrepreneurs already digitally ingrained.

What is WCAT?

A Company Built for the People, by the People, and will Succeed Because of the People!

Sublime Solution Sourcing - The Concept

We Can Achieve Together is a literal representation of a business model created through extensive research spanning over 4,000 years of available historical references comparing the potential and actual value a group can or did achieve versus that of the individual. Combining the research with real world experience resulted in a primarily idealistic approach to commerce. 

 Crystal Clear Communication - The Translator

Being developed as a multi-functional, personalized and individualized tool, the iCAT or Intuitively Calibrated Automatic Translator will create a seamless, communication flow that is comparable to that of lifelong friends or close knit family members. The AI Engine will act as a personal assistant. Observing, recording and storing all language and dialect nuances with any noticeable verbal mannerisms specific to you, the user.  

In combination with all profile settings that are shared to JUST the PAICE (Perpetual AI Client Emulator), in less than 60 days, no matter your native vernacular, education, age, vocabulary depth, or slang usage frequency, at least 30 different nationalities will be able to understand you the way you intend. And you will be able to comprehend them just as easily with an unique and beautiful social interaction. As it was always intended to be. 

Always All Encompassing - The Journey 

Using this altruistic approach as the foundation while forming Internationally as an IBC (International Business Company), all product and services to follow are crafted from a comprehensive, nearly holistic, position and strategically implemented to give everyone the most value and benefit while limiting or removing any personal expense. Eventually giving way to the more time balanced entrepreneur, a more fiscally stable small business economy and a less competitive, more collaborative e-commerce market.

To effectively, efficiently, and sustainably succeed in the many WCAT upcoming endeavors, there needs to be a broader immediate reach with the least amount of friction. 

A People First Focused Artificial Intelligence - The Technology

The people ONLY focus individualized and self-contained A.I. Introducing the world to free innovation and within a user-specified device intranetwork. Purposely isolated from the online world for multiple reasons. The top 2 relate to user preference. (1) Users now can have the ultimate privacy with local information needing bio-metrics to just retrieve and (2) an A.I. program that will only be as self aware as the user intends (internet restricted Smartwall). 

How to visualize the process is similar to a scene out of the Matrix. Neo is plugged into the chair and is being fed knowledge that is immediately retained, learned and adaptable. INN PAICE is the individual's "Neo" in digital form. An unstoppable force yet confined to the construct. 

Transcendent Togetherness & Tenacity  - The Services

A people first business that will stretch across every business sector and industry. From the brick and mortar “mom & pop” stores to the online-only retail. Generating immediate and long-term positive impact on all aspects of operations and finance throughout. 

Creating a global environment where personal and professional lives are blended, family and community regain primary focus, and the overall well-being of each person becomes a priority.

Power to the People - The Power

The problem with solar power is 3-fold. First is the expensive equipment and setup. The second is the issue is the lack of predictable, consistent and regular sun exposure. With the final being the long lasting, reusable storage of excess energy for a "rain day". 

Grapheniti has solved all the issues. Completely. Even created ways to not only increase power reception, but power storage, full weather usage and weathering protection. All easy to install, more affordable than any utility provider on the planet, and once implemented into even 2% of households worldwide - will begin reversing the grossly overlooked environmental impacts of big oil over the past 100 years. 

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth  - The Facts

With the breakout success and curiosity stirring impact of ChatGPT, the A.I. world has now been introduced to the general public. Using the WCAT PAICE framework and database infrastructure, the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence is around the corner.

An information repository where only REAL answers to REAL questions are stored, organized, and cleaned up of opinions, bias or fiscal/political agenda benefiting intentions. For just the FACTS, go CDAIV instead!