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The WCAT Team

separate paths, new directions, now matching destinations 

Brought Together by Chance

The WCAT concept and initial footprint was handled by a small group of women from various walks of life looking to make a difference in the world. They started by bringing in consultants, developers, corporate lawyers and business-oriented professionals from all over. As the vision began to evolve and the business initiatives grew, it became clear there would need to be a core group working on this full time. 

As the core are being groomed to setup all business formations, the structure below is the foundation. 

What follows in the upcoming weeks and months, will be an complex hierarchy of team members and partnerships working together as one to make the WCAT vision a reality.

The Backbone, The Brains and The Believers


the group attack

By utilizing a vast network of experts across all WCAT Team and Community Member networks, the vastness and depth of experience needed to bring this company to the world is more than enough. All their respective connections combine for over 400 years of relevant knowledge and know-how across all business initiatives being released between July 2023 and June 2024.

On team or available to team11

To be added 202330

To be added 2024 & beyond800+


a specialized touch

From legal to programmer analysts to administrative assistants, there has been and will be no shortage of consultants involved with WCAT. They are what fuels the adaptability and constant growth of the company. They are also the on-call subject matter experts who are readily available to meet any and all business demands. Being paid per day for time and deliverables has made this the most sought after role.

Available to team7

Contacts To be added 202340

Contacts to be added 2024 & beyond600+

Live Support Specialists

always open & happy to assist

Every Support Specialist has a designation to their native language and country of origin. Each living in their respective time zones to better satisfy any and all WCAT Community Member needs, wants, questions and/or concerns. Starting with 10 languages and nearly 20 Specialists, by launch, to complete the 24/7 4-layer support of always expanding FAQs and stored community Q&A.

On team or available to team14

To be added 202341

To be added 2024 & beyond500+


issue resolution engineers

The "idea" men and women of the world get a voice here. Attacking nearly every issue-ridden aspect of global commerce and social media. With hundreds of issues plaguing millions, it has not been an easy task...but definitely not an impossible one! With the help of other WCAT Team members, the majority of issues found have solutions being released in Year-One alone.

On team or available to team6

To be added 202318

To be added 2024 & beyond100+

Board of Directors

executive think-tank

To make sure there is no single point of control, there are 100 total votes that are weighted differently from 0.1% of 1 vote to 100% of 10 votes. The current diversity of the BOD brings nearly 15 separate perspectives, 15 different vantage points, full range of education and experience levels to ensure all decisions made are done so without bias or personal agenda. With an additional 850 votes weighted at 10% of 1 vote each still available, accounting for owning 85% of the overall decision-making still available. 

Seats Taken15

Vote Ownership  to Date15%

Available Ownership to be Filled85%

Available Seats to be Filled 202345-85 


equal part owners & partners

With 1 Million Shares available at $10/share, this opportunity gives any and all investment savvy or investment novices a way to diversify their portfolio between digital assets, digital equity, digital/VR gaming, business tools, creator tools, clean energy, solution services, and dozens more with a single investment. All of which can be directly impacted by the investor for higher potential for significant investment returns. Only available until Q1 2024 at $10/share. By Q2 2024, the remaining 100,000 shares will cost $100,000/share.

Shares Taken100,000

Shares Available 2023800,000

Shares Privately Brokered350,000

Shares Publicly Available:  450,000

Entrepreneurs, Creators, and the Community
the beloved "We Can Achieve Together" family

As each aspect of the WCAT Community becomes public between July 2023 and September 2023, there will be an anticipated 25 million unique and active members across all platforms. Even with a modest projection of 5 million of those members being experienced entrepreneurs, creators or both, that is a substantial and game changing knowledge base to extrapolate, organize and dictate comprehensibly for all to learn from. 

The online business unification and creative freedom collaboration communities will give way to active WCAT Team leaders, business organizers and self-expression showcase promoters who take a more corporate role than individual respective community one.

On team or available to team27

To be added 20232,000 (1,000 Entrepreneurs + 1,000 Creators)

To be added 2024 & beyond5000+ (variable mix of Entrepreneurs and Creators)

Location, Location, and Location


offshore incorporation to offset corporate restrictions

Better Business Breaks in Belize

For access to an international community without the business venture and financial restraints imposed by any one individual government, WCAT INC forming as an International Business Company offshore is essential.  

Conducting business in a tax-friendly, start-up friendly and banking friendly environment foreign to the WCAT Team's native United States residency is as much strategic as it is company-preserving as it is just better business practice. Creating a non-capitalistic, non-competitive, fully adaptive organization in a highly reputable, highly private and secure country is just the beginning. The ensuing results for the WCAT Communities, Creators, Consumers, and Clients will show the immediate benefits of such a bold, new business move. Giving all those involved more control over their entrepreneurial aspirations, creative explorations, entertainment preferences and..or their life choices.

An experience unfamiliar to many called...Freedom

With all the business initiatives WCAT has planned for release in 2023, 2024,  and for much of the rest of the foreseeable future into 2030, flexibility would be needed from all governing agencies. The short term objectives give way to much larger, positive world and future bettering goals. To maintain the schedule and adhere to the plan, the international platform is the path of least resistance. 

Even with no less than 8 institutions surrounding dozens of requirements, regulations, and international laws that at first glance may seem counterproductive to simply incorporating state side.  However, having specific guidelines and reasonable laws that are meant to protect the business as much as those interacting with it, are ideal. 

In Short... 

by simply applying better business ethics, practicing legal business activities and within the minimal parameters outlined by all governing bodies, the benefits are astounding...

International Business Company


Online Digital Expansion 

meets matching 

Global Physical Footprint

To ensure that all business-related associations continue to adhere to all International laws and regulations while maintaining scalability, WCAT INC and all subsidiaries will have physical locations placed, strategically, throughout much of Latin and South America in Year-One.  

During the start-up phase of the business, it is imperative to meet all initial formation and registration guidelines which will pave the way for the hiring of multiple register agents for day-to-day offshore regulatory. Initially with offices in Belize City to support the local government and economy will help maintain and continuously improve all relationships for a mutually beneficial business relationship. Thus, setting the standard for how WCAT operates.  

Once firmly established with unquestionable integrity and a reputation for generosity with the staple of We Can Achieve Together proving more than just factual, other government relationships will start to transpire.  Following shortly thereafter by respective office setups as per the general locations and schedule below.

Latin America

[August 2023Belize Offices - Grnd flr here and top flr here

[September 2023]  El Salvador Office - 1

South America

[September 2023]  Argentina Offices - 2

[October 2023]  Guyana Offices/Locations - 4

[November 2023]  Brazil Offices - 2

Southern Europe

[December 2023] Gibraltar Office - 1

[December 2023] Malta Office - 1

[Q1 2024]  Italy (multiple locations) - 4

North America

[Q2 2024] Alaska - 2