The Concept

An Idealistic Business Model

the WCAT Culture of "People First" 

Immediate Group Progress = Sustainable Individual Success

The company is meant to represent a cherished, once common aspect of family-first living that always benefited the group first. One whereas the group prospered, each individual in that group would prosper too. Allowing the individual to achieve greater success more quickly by working towards a larger, common goal that benefits the whole.

Examples of how incredibly successful a cultural model like this are: 

The US Women's National Soccer Team, Denver Nuggets, Kansas City Chiefs, and every other team-based sport where their group progress opens the doors for certain standout individuals to reap long term financial success.

The Cultural Phenomenon

stretching the global landscape with

Basic Family Values

From the South Asia Continent of India to the Eastern Asia Continent of China to the Northern and Eastern Countries of South America up to Mexico of South North America, many of these cultures still exhibit these collective behaviors as they try to get their piece of the “American Dream”. Which was, in part, made possible from a variety of Western European cultures who migrated to the US nearly two centuries ago. Their collective reasoning for greater long term group and individual success gave birth to what is called the American Industrial Revolution (or second Industrial Revolution).

Extend the Extended Family...Digitally

It wasn’t until the digital age and the birth of social media, did a more individualistic approach to success take hold. Which allowed hundreds of millions to go after a more universal version of the once America-exclusive “American Dream”. Unfortunately, it left over 90% of those who chose that path broke, in debt and relying heavily on prior generations or their respective governments to support their self-interest, money-grab failed tactics. 

This doesn’t mean there aren’t extended families living in single room lodgings all over the US who never lost the traditional family value and help your fellow (wo)man belief system, thriving more and more with each passing day. Pooling together all the earnings from their consistent, hard work and getting ready to buy a business, a home for themselves (the group) and a better future for the next generation.

Why Risk a Wrong Turn

There is nearly a 100% success rate when capitalism is tackled as a group with similar goals in the “brick & mortar” landscape versus the less than 10% as single entities looking to find riches, wealth and success in a highly competitive, unoriginal global digital market (aka Online Business). 

The only glaring difference is those who find success Online, even as limited numbers-wise as it is, typically do so at much greater levels and with much greater publicity. Which only exacerbates the problem and creates more false hope than anything else. And in a global economic climate that is unstable, volatile and could turn for the worse at any minute, hope, be it false or of any kind, seems to be all many people have left at changing their lives around. Adding to more and more individual, self-saving interests and less team, group or family first traditional value approaches.

The "We Can Achieve Together" Approach

Combining all Knowledge, Experience, Education, and Expertise for:

1| Problem Solving > All Problems

lessening costs, lessening expenses, lessening time, lessening resources, lessening risk

2| Question Answering > All Questions

all things business, all things self-expression, all things international, all things digital

3| Solution Providing >All Solutions

relieve financial strain, relieve tax concerns, relieve legal worries, relieve investment doubt

4| Business Practices > All Business

increased profitability, increased cash flow, increased productivity, increased free-time

5| Real Support > All Support

all Live, all hours, all languages, all types, all levels, all details