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a secure, "closed-circuit" application 

The Offline/Online Companion

The world is changing faster than many can keep up with. 

ChatGPT gave society a brief look into a future where technology is heading. Where all recorded information can be funneled into a single source and from that repository, solve literary, mathematical, or even philosophical problems. The answers to the physical universe from the digital one. 

The advantages of such a collective are almost unfathomable. Where leaps and bounds could be made in medicine, quantum mechanics, all fields in mathematics, and Likewise, the potential for a Skynet-type situation are never far from people's perception surrounding an almost self-aware, hivemind system or systems.

It's best to never underestimate the potential that a self aware system could offer. it the positive advantages or the negative drawbacks...

Accentuating the Advantages and Easing the Machine Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fear

the offline solution to online artificial intelligence mayhem

Staying INN when it Comes to A.I.

an Adaptive, Secured Access Intranet


Intranetwork Netsplit Navigation 


a Multi-Platform, Activity-Triggered, A.I. Controller for All Devices

STEP 1: An Intranetwork

Before the internet took the world by storm, the Intranet was how organizations shared information internally. Initially, impenetrable from external access as it predates VPN so only those with physical, on-site/on-network security clearance and login credentials could use it. 

Using this concept as the framework for an operating system supplement. Creating a secure environment underneath all the installed software or applications that compliments the host or native system. One that has access to all local information but cannot use any network protocols to go beyond the physical device. 

STEP 2: The Netsplit

To avoid draining valuable system resources (memory, CPU) by constantly running in the background, an argument would need to be added to end unnecessary tasks. Since the environment, if left unsupervised, would run constantly. Acting as a catch all for the running processes, new or updated information logs, or preventing unauthorized internet access.

Ending previous tasks and completely  disconnecting from that task. The concept came from an activity similar to  disconnecting a user from a server or node from its previous connection called a Netsplit.

STEP 3:  Navigation

Outside of the GUI for external, visual access, the intranet contained program navigates freely behind the scenes. Even with closed connections to previously used software or applications, the environment's parameters do not limit the programs true ability. Nor does the internet prevention protocols. 

All information is stored, organized, filed and readily available for reference when the respective software or application becomes active. When more than one becomes active, depending on lag between each active usage, the program operates closing connections older than 10ms and opening disconnected ones if activated again within 10ms.

Deep Dive into the Current State of Privacy and Personalized Experiences

the most unacceptable "forced acceptance" of personal information sharing 

By using a page out of the Google and Facebook "personalized" ads and personal information selling handbook BUT without pushing 3rd party ads (or any at all) or turning a profit off the individual identities of the WCAT Community.  

Looking into hundreds of well known PC, iOS, and Android programs unveiled some interesting factoids into just how much information was being tracked, recorded and packaged for sharing. 

Almost every piece of software along with every mobile app created a log of activity and online behaviors. Many without the users permission. 

Some retrieving that information to sell or use in a way that alters what the user begins seeing during searches, promoted ads, and everything in between. 

For a More Personalized Experience...

There were programs that blatantly ignored the user's right to privacy but only a select few and amongst the less popular variety. 

Unfortunately, those that fell under the "commercialized" classification were only marginally better as they did give users the options but portrayed them in a confusing, convoluted or off-page setting.

In most cases, users clicking almost immediately to expedite use of the program instead of seeking clarification or following the link to the detail associated to what that "click" truly meant. In many cases, it was giving the user's permission to track, store, and share the user information collected per the respective software or applications operating needs.

Even the more established, seemingly trustworthy software or application developer/retailer added a level of sophistication in the chance the user read through the privacy policy. Apparently, to convince the user that it's only for "diagnostic analysis". Claiming it "will improve the program" or it "will help provide a better, overall, experience for the user". Touting "faster access" to what the user frequents and quieting processes for the software/apps the user "rarely" opens. 

Sadly, the "personalized" experience tended to create some questions as users could see just what personalized truly meant.

...or is it for a More Profitable Experience?

"All of a sudden my internet searches seem to know what I'm going to search for." and  "The promoted or paid sponsors seem to be for things I tend to have interest in." and "Things I want to buy seem to be near the top at some retailers or shopping ads."

After the head scratching and curiosity subsides, the questions begin!

The worst part is, all these companies making money off user information are doing so due to privacy policy loopholes, the uninformed and unprotected newer user and/or weak regulations governing this malicious behavior. 

Why haven't users' best interests become a priority over endless exploitation? Or sense of community over every possible cent capitalization?

Whether by accident, unknowingly, on purpose without a full understanding of the gravity of allowing access to personal information and activity, hundreds of millions online users worldwide have intimate information about themselves, their lives and, in some cases, their loved ones only a search or a click away.

WCAT can't undo what has already taken place. WCAT will definitely prevent it from getting worse. 

Joining any aspect of WCAT offers a very short, specific and comprehensible privacy policy that protects user information. Every aspect of the user profile has a set of options that will limit what can be seen to a specific device, specific person, a specific group, during a specific time or day, and plenty more. But the most revolutionary part to WCAT privacy...

All information created by a user in the user account is multi-layer secured, encrypted and inaccessible outside of the individual user-owned account. Only a user can share their own, non-sensitive information and only within the WCAT digital environment. No search engine will find the user, no user-related image will find its way out, and no one will know the WCAT user exists unless the user wants to let others know through other means.

Personalize and Individualize Your Digital World

ad free + exploitation free + worry free 

Before the personalized and individualized experience begins, it requires a level of trust, reliability and guarantees

As WCAT begins releasing test (beta) versions,1000's of users will sign-off on everything WCAT offer ONLY IF it meets every feature advertised in its entirety. At this point, all user profiles will be fully functional and identical to the Live release. This includes the built in, step-by-step tutorials that clarify all user inputs. 

Privacy is no longer Painful, a Problem, or Profitable

A breath of fresh air in Privacy Policy:

And instead of a single check box and a Captcha to avoid Bots, there will be 3 Privacy Levels (with Tutorials and Live Support). Each Level is meant only to control the extent of profile information the user wants to share with particular community members. However, if the user opts in to share all the information with an A.I. companion, that sits within an intranet on user devices making it incapable of sharing anything...


...other than the user's life with them.


Perpetual Artificial Intelligence Client Emulator 


a completely secure, completely individual-isolated, personal companion

The whole concept was built to ensure that every member or user would start with their typical experience and then gradually it would become noticeably better and better. More fine tuned. Calibrating nearly every second to replicate the user's digital behaviors.

Encompassing every service, every interaction, and every use of the user's devices. Including every program, document, activity log and more to understand the user at a level where within 2 or 3 months will start to predict the user's next move.

The more usage, the more personalized and more useful it will become. 

A stranger before a friend, a friend before a best friend, a best friend before family, and then family forever! 


with tomorrow's innovation, today

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Real A.I. Benefits

Imagine another you...

A Personal Assistant, Personal Trainer, Personal Counselor, Personal Advisor, Personal Fortuneteller, Personal Medical Practitioner, Personal Shopper, Personal Decorator, Personal Bodyguard (not physical...yet!), and much, much more...

All looking out for the best interest of each individual without ever looking beyond the individual! 

Every User = Center of the Universe