Intuitively Calibrated Automatic Translator (iCAT)

a Vernacular Vehicle for All Voices

The Universal Translator Kit

crossing boarders with

No Communication Barriers

There are 8 Billion people on the planet who speak over 7100 different languages.

There are 5.18 Billion people (64.6%) online with 93.3% of websites tailored to only 15 languages. Basically, isolating the majority of the online community to their native language websites. The alternative being either learn one of those 15 languages, use a translator that may support 150 languages, or piece together a conversation by best guess.

We Can Achieve Together is engineering the next generation in language translators that learns from each user to help them, specifically, communicate with whomever, clearly and effectively. 

24 Hours Per Day  x  7 Days Per Week  x  365 Days Per Year

All Communities + [All WCAT Initiatives] + All Support

8 Languages  x  3 Dialects Per Language  x  1 Support Specialists Per Dialect

Building the WCAT Community and offering dozens of services, apps and digital solutions Internationally, effectively communicating at all levels and between all members is a must. Operating a people first business in the global online arena the right way, easy flowing interactions should be seamless and flawless. Every new member shouldn't have to rely on external, 3rd party translators to have a casual conversation or to use any of the "on platform" tools. 

Introducing ©iCAT - Intuitively Calibrated Automatic Translator

Starting with the Top 11 Most Spoken Languages in the World, when activated in the user profile panel, it will +automatically coordinate each member's Geo-position (physical location) to determine their native language, dialect and appropriate grammatical conversion during all internal interactions. The software will collect all forms of intended speech to calibrate to each user's personality, education-level and age/maturity-level. The goal being that after 50 uses or less of any one of the communities, the iCAT will convey exactly what the user is saying in their native speech to the recipient in a different language that the recipient can understand based on their profile attributes. All without manipulating word usage* or intended tone. 

The Key to Communication

multi-platform, multi-dialect

Individual Adaptable Keyboard

One item that has limited exchanges between the top 20 most spoken languages and the bottom 7080 spoken languages or so has been having access to a keyboard that fits their respective native written alphabet while aligning with modern technologies.

The Adaptive Digital Keyboard - 1 Application, 1000's of Input and Output Choices

The initial objective is to start with 11 languages, 33 dialects, and 99 of the most used emoji's/emoticons today for the first release. That is the most that can be supported by our linguistic support specialists by launch as WCAT will not release anything without qualified guidance available. But as the application and our team grows over the upcoming months, the eventual goal is to be able to provide the iCAT keyboard application and 24/7 Live Support to hundreds of native vernaculars around the world. Constantly progressing until ever person with a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) or personal computer and access to the Internet can effectively and clearly communicate with every other person with the necessary tools/access.

Starting Here

All services will have automated translation software for clear and concise communication. The test group will cover the majority holders of online languages except Germany as they will be represented in version 2, with another 12 additional languages. 

Here is the tentative list of initial iCAT languages being built in the various platforms: Chinese (Mandarin+Yue), Spanish, English, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and French. 

The first round of platforms will start with the communities and social atmosphere, the digital asset technology , the mini-multiplayer games, and the platform mobile apps/tools. In parallel, the FAQ Support Library will also be equipped with the iCAT to make it easy to search, find and read.

The First Focus Group

3,377,400,000 people will be able to comfortably, correctly, and without miscommunication or misinterpretation, interact freely with one another. The conversation will seem as familiar, as relaxed, and as easily flowing as if it were with a long time friend or family member.

Count of Speakers As a Native Language plus

Native + Bi-Lingual Total Speaker Counts

LIVE Support Add-On

The support team includes a minimum of at least 1 specialists per language who are native to the country of the language they support. All are qualified, experienced, help-desk like support technicians. Each member profile will be matched with the most compatible support specialist.

The iCAT will convert all answers to questions asked in a way that will fit the audience experience level and language capabilities. 

Following the introduction of the LIVE Support Chat feature, will be LIVE Support teleconferencing and videoconferencing for those who may be more visual and need more technical support (remote desktop, screen sharing, etc.). This will roll out gradually throughout Q3 as the qualified team builds up to support that additional 12 languages with additional dialects (being added daily).

*This does not apply to unknown or unrecognized slang. This does not apply to words that are misspelled with two-thirds of the total letter count/order incorrect. This does not apply where dialect references are unknown or are known but the respective module isn't installed, updated, or available. In these cases, using the closest replacement word(s), phrase(s) or word(s) and phrase(s) will be added with an asterisk if a fitting alternative match can be made. This predictive feature only works if selected in the user preferences and only after 30 days of use to allow the individual, not shared, personal calibrated experience to collect enough information to be effective. In instances where preferences don't allow this feature, then the system will notify the user of the inconsistency with the option to pass through exactly what is sent without a translation.