The Journey

a 2023 WCAT INC Business Roadmap

Creating the Path

for an 

Online Experience Masterpiece

MARCH 4, 2023

All Started with an Idea

The founding Women from different backgrounds come up with the concept of We Can Achieve Together as WCAT and the digital collaboration community was born. 

JUNE 7, 2023

The Plan is Born

Building the temporary online presence (this website), exploring other business initiatives and assessing Everything is how the plan began taking shape.

Knowing the Path

for an

Immediately Profitable Business 

Crowdfunding Platforms in Progress

Personal, professional and common investment interest networks brought in to lay the support foundation needed to deliver the entirety of the first round of business initiatives are going live.

The Welcome Mat will remain even when early entry into the business ends with the launch of the 1st business initiative (iDIDE) before Sept-8. The more who get involved the better, people are our business!


The Online Business Blooms

JUNE 8 to SEPT 14, 2023

Introductions Are Made

To ensure immediate, mid-term and long-term interest, a marketing Executive was hired with a team coming in gradually as the need arises. The VP will oversee all social media outlet exposure, every strategic advertisement, and groom a sustained viral presence online. 

The presence online will exemplify what We Can Achieve Together means as the community grows.

AUGUST 26 to OCT 1, 2023

Walking the Path

of the

Innovative & Success Driven

Universal Translator 

A people first business and community focused foundation, communication is not only significant but is the most important aspect of the entire venture. Having a demographic that spreads thousands of languages, it'll be imperative to release translation-related software, mobile applications, and on-screen user language-specific keyboard. 

The iCAT launch will be 1 of 30 updates slated Sept-8 to Sept-24.

beta SEPTEMBER 8, 2023

Shareholder Opportunity

Limited to Invite-Only as the benefits limit risk, include 24/7 support until launch, guarantee all investments, and will generate the highest returns. This allows multiple investment tiers (4) and types (business or digital asset) through a contractual agreement. 

New investors and seasoned investors welcomed.
Lower risk, highly secured and completely private.

ends SEPTEMBER 24, 2023

International Digital Innovation Development Enterprise

Release of the iEDS (International Blockchain), release of the Digital Emporium (International Asset Launch Platform), release of the Trader PointX or iTPx (International Digital Trading Platform & Exchange), and W-CAT (International WCAT Meme Coin). Every project will get beta released starting Sept 25 and LIVE releases (version 1.0) starting October 8. 

The W-CAT presale starts seating privately on Sept-18 and public opens Oct-5.

tentative SEPTEMBER 25 to OCTOBER 8, 2023

Community First Forum

The Community-As-One platform accessible to anyone who has access to a computer, a phone, a tablet, a smart TV, or a gaming system. All is needed is a way to turn the device on and a data connection. The rest will be designed to meet the access needs for every person online. 

The casual social media user. The e-commerce consumer, The novice to expert entrepreneur. The starter to the  experienced influencer. The curious or information seekers. The one-time investor to the day trader. One-size fits all platform. The 30-Day beta release is almost ready!

beta SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

Better Business Online

One of the most anticipated releases is the first upgrade to the Community-As-One platform -  Collaborative Online Business Resources & Associates owned CPEAC. Taking the millions of entrepreneurs online and offering a synergistic approach to more successful businesses, no matter the concept, stage or prior experience. 

A unique way to explore and combine every existing business clientele, consumer-base, network and know-how to create all around success.

beta SEPTEMBER 30, 2023

Creative Exploration

The third business initiative release comes from the creation of a platform inside the Community-As-One. Creative Freedom Technologies owned SEE.

It's intent is to allow every form of creativity and interest to be fully explored. The doodler to the graphic designer to art show mogul. The music maker to the lyricist to the novelist to the poet. From anime to animation to animatronics

Tied to a buyer and seller marketplace, this one-stop shop will meet every need and allow a way to develop, deploy and, for buyers, diversify portfolios. 

beta OCTOBER 15, 2023

The Path Continues


Expectations & Disbelief

I. WCAT Global Scavenger Hunt "Real Virtual Discovery" beta Oct-27 and LIVE Nov-9.

II. WCAT Affordable, Clean Energy Initiative Launches with Grapheniti prototypes on Dec-5.


II. WCAT Not-For-Profit Organization Formed to Handle Charities and Latin America Relief by Dec-9.

IV. WCAT Partnership Announced with Innovative Next Generation Tech firm with new technology in VR/AR, immersive full body gaming, 3D/4D real virtual world environments, holographic imaging, digital asset Play-to-Earn games, and more on Jan-23, 2024.

The rest is being scheduled based on adherence to the current plan and release itineraries. More to come with each passing week as We Can Achieve Together evolves. 

As We Can Achieve "Anything" Together turns into 

We Will Achieve "Everything" Together!