The Power 

Mother Nature's Boundless Gift 

 a graph-infinite amount of possibilities 


AND Technological

From uses in neutralizing cancer stem cells to nanotechnology to protecting the armed forces in lightweight bulletproofing to more and more life-saving applications being discovered almost daily...

The Wonderful World of 


Nature's Answer to Everything!

The Implications are Seemingly INFINITE

...and that is just scratching the surface. Literally. Graphene is a 1-atom thick, two-dimensional honeycomb layer that can be pulled from the surface of its three-dimensional counterpart, Graphite

Incomparably Strong

200x stronger than steel per weight and width

Highly Conductive

70% more electrical conductivity than copper

Superior Elasticity

By strength and weight, considerably more elastic than carbon fibers

Extremely Lightweight

5x lighter than aluminum - weighing less than .77 milligrams per square meter or 

Greater Capacity

Used as a rechargeable power source, stores over 5x the wattage hours (Wh) as lithium

The Graphene Ceiling

realizing the possible impossibilities



The N.E.W.

Product Line

Round 1One

The True Power

True Power comes from affordable, self-sufficiency. Preserve the environment and your hard-earned money.

Having the ability to refrain from using high-priced utilities, of any form, is the essence of True Freedom

The Self-Sufficiency Line-Up

early Q1 2024 release

Natural Energy Wonders 

The Sun

Heat resistant, highly-conductive

Engineered in patent pending architecture to maximize strength, endurance, and conductivity

Over 30 introductory sizes, installation location options, and wattage hour ranges to choose from. All nearly 300% cheaper and 5x more beneficial than what is currently available. 

Color coded, DIY 15-minute or less install times. Guaranteed 100% as an easy self-install. 

Initial Pricing Estimates

(Rain & Shine Kits ONLY)

1000Wh/Day = $274.95

2400Wh/Day = $524.95

The Rain

Absorbancy, capacitor inducing

Single or multi-A-layered options. The most dense, most electrifying, and largest surface covering weighs less than 5lbs. 

Each sheet can be combined, connected, or separated to meet the cover size chosen.

If the kit takes more than 15 minutes, a NEW Install Specialist will do it for you free of charge! Rain or Shine...or Rain & Shine!

The Storage

more power for the price

1 6"x9" battery block can charge a 2,000 square foot house and an electric-only full Sedan for 10 years without having to be replaced. With 4, 6, 10, and 12 battery docking stations, even the most extravagant of lifestyles can power anything and everything beyond even their means. 

Offering a lifetime without ever connecting to the local utility or burning a single piece of wood or ounce of gas!

The Chargeable

one for all

The Connections

all-in-one and one-in-all

Available for all countries, all charging types, all converter types, all inverter types, all receptacle types, all connection types, all capacities, and all recharge maxes per specifications.

Assorted cable lengths up to 18 feet, assorted cable colors, and assorted cable ties and cable-attachments!

Initial Pricing Estimates

(Each include docking stations, cables, connectors, portable batteries, etc.)

Everything comes with an 4-Year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee OR 5-Year Equipment Replacement Guarantee!

The Prevention

less temperamental temp control

Every Rain energy sheet is fully insulated, completely adhesive, and will disperse all weather damage (sun, heat, debris, etc.). 

The best part, almost 97% transparent!

Initial tests are showing less than 4% temperature rise behind even 2-layer sheets in direct sun for 8 consecutive hours. 3-layers, the results are staggering. 

Not only will the Rain energy sheets create natural energy through impact and through direct sun, but will also prevent even a .01 degree rise (Celsius) under the most consistent and direct of sun exposure.

Meaning, anything it covers will see a temperature normalizing and unwanted weathering prevention effect!

The Run-Off

filtration process potency

Every NEW sheet contains every component necessary to maximize the most of mother nature's moisture. 

Clean Energy & Pure H20

Using desalinization, every drop, every vapor, and every mist becomes not only pure energy but clean, usable, drinkable water!!

Either through NEW sheet saturation and capture, home edging (gutters), or full property posting - all water that touches is potential. 

Depending on the size, everything is 100% DIY or installation is free!

©Grapheniti retail releases in year 1: 

Round-1One early Q1 2024: "The True Power" Self-Sufficiency, NEW product line

Round-2Two mid Q2 2024: "The True Protection" Self-Safety,  product line

Round-3Three early Q4 2024: "The True Play" Self-Satisfaction product line

2025 and Beyond will include 4 more Rounds of product releases that will take technology advancements across all borders. 

Geographical + Biological + Gravitational