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2023 WCAT INC Business Initiatives

A multifaceted, interactive social platform to educate, entertain, and introduce the world to the fast, friendly and guaranteed fraud-free, digital investment space. By giving the WCAT Community an “in platform” cryptocurrency trading outlet that is governed internationally, protected locally and housed inside one of the most secure digital environments possible, interest in crypto and investments in WCAT digital assets will increase. 

Leading to a significant change in the crypto stigma for the crypto-familiar and crypto-unfamiliar alike. 

Community-As-One will fulfill all social, online interaction needs before the conclusion of its year 1 release. With the inclusion of the ©iCAT, interacting with anyone and everyone around the world will be as seamless as a conversation with a neighbor. (September 2023)

A collaborative, synergistic professional platform built to become a global community of entrepreneurial- spirited members. Giving access to a growing network with all levels of shareable business knowledge. Allowing access to the complete spectrum of experiences with the greatest successes to the most life changing of failures from those in operation for as little as 4 days to 40 years. Using a scalable infrastructure meant to benefit the collective to build a better online individual business model. Leading to Geo-located, strategically mapped, plotted business information using member information# to create an international network of available business resources. 

The business management end of this community runs through COBRA LLC to protect all client, customer and community member information, assets/equity, and individual proprietary belongings. The CPEAC environment is managed by the community itself. (September 2023)

A “meet and greet” atmosphere within a creativity-based community platform where each member can design their own interactive experience on what others will see when they pull up the individual artists profile. Every artist can choose from over 100 blank canvas-based community “plots” to begin. All plots are free of any self-expression restrictions no matter the content. Each plot will contain all artist specific, self-expression genre-based (painter, lyricist, sculptor, etc.) creative tools. It’ll offer every artist the opportunity to simply create without limitations of time, expense, or appropriate environment. 

As the SEE Community evolves, it will eventually allow artists to socialize with other artists and art lovers. Generating organic and purposeful access to promote “up and coming” artists to their respective marketing or distribution authority or directly to buyers and investors. Business managed by CFT LLC, while all products and services will be available on the The WCAT Digital Emporium. (Otober 2023)

The WCAT Digital Asset journey starts with the formation of iDIDE LLC as an International Business Company (IBC). International Digital Innovation Development Enterprise will register as a Limited Liability Company in Belize. 

To handle the digital arena effectively and securely, a scalable and enhanced blockchain would be required. International Equitable Digital Solutions or iEDS is under development and will release to the world following iDIDE formation this July. 

There will be a total of 10 projects (preview) released in 2023 from iEDS. Each one designed to increase all points of value of the others while stabilizing the entirety of the digital business model. (Round 1 Releases  July through November 2023)

An online global scavenger hunt will include participating businesses (from CPEAC) that will offer discounts, prizes and digital assets from within the entire WCAT Network. Tier-based prizes based on playing time, virtual items found and recovered, assists with fellow players (sign up, how to play, find items), and quickness to find certain virtual items. Only requirements are (a) registration within the WCAT Community-As-One, (b) if under 18 there must be a parent or guardian to register with you and denote relationship (open to ages 13+), and (c) have a device that has a camera which can capture the virtual QR Codes tagged to each virtual item. 

The first update [Q1 2024] to the Real Virtual Discovery will feature a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) where players gain experience points, attack, defense, spell power, etc. based on the Tier points, certain special items and (upon player approval) virtually battling active players in the digital realm or live, in the real world, while on their scavenger hunt. (November 2023)