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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] 

What Type of Blockchain is Being Built? What Security Measures are in Place to Protect Everyone's Information?

A Private Blockchain offers user privacy, information security and identity confidentiality. With WCAT registering as an International Business Company, the additional layers of privacy and security are a necessity. Even with blockchain encryption being touted as impenetrable by many and having it sit behind a network firewall that individual permission must be granted access through it, the additional layers outside of network/system security will not be taken lightly. The IBC approach provides an outer wall of International regulation beyond the Region-based privacy protection secondary wall. The third wall is behind a legal umbrella of anonymity. One that would take irrefutable evidence of law infringements made by any external or internal user against anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering and anti-fraud laws to even start a process of decryption of private user information. 

The final layer is the WCAT INC corporation itself. There is a rigorous authentication process for members to even participate or be recognized as a business in Belize (ie company registration/formation).

Who or What Will Administer the Private, Centralized Blockchain and All Subsequent Digital Components?

What Will the Blockchain be Used for?

Put simply, EVERYTHING. Every user will have their own "block", all business units will have their own "block", all product/service offerings will exist on their own "block", and so on and so forth. The idea is to make this the most secure and privacy-conscious Blockchain constructed to date. 

Without Getting into Deep Detail, How Will Each Faction of WCAT Exist on Separate Blocks?

Each related "block" will exist within larger blocks named "neighborhoods". Each neighborhood will be linked to each related neighborhood and be a apart of "DC's" or Digital Cities. It begins a level of complexity beyond that in how the infrastructure is building out that is not available to discuss for proprietary reasons at this time. But once fully constructed, or at least the shell, the entirety of it will be available for replication and as open source to help spearhead the next technological innovative wave of corporate blockchains.

The People Places

User Blocks: Focused & Friendly

The User

All user data will be stored on an individual user block. In other words, once the user creates an account, all that user's information will now be stored on their own block with as much security as WCAT INC's financial records and R&D.

If the user chooses to part ways with WCAT at any time, an easy "Goodbye and Farewell" feature will give information security options:

1) Download their block via Move All, removing the block from all network existence.

2) Download a copy of their block via Copy for Safe-Keeping, leaving a dormant copy on the network,

3) A quiet, walk-away via Dormant Until..., giving the user the option to comeback whenever they want while keeping their information secure.

4) A complete removal of all user information and transaction history via Delete Me. 

(all G&F take a minimum of 48-hours to take effect unless by special request)

The Product/Services Places

A Digital City-Mall 

The Digital Mall

Every theoretical concept, in production idea, and all accessible products and services will be available here.

Much like the user blocks, each WCAT business initiative will have a highly-secure home within their own block. Even at the development or sandbox phase, security will never be taken for granted.

Outside of the technical reasoning, the most visited and, soon to be, familiar aspects will be the user interface. At first, a glorified 2D version accessible through mobile applications, computer software, or built-in WCAT Services. All with LIVE 24/7 support, the integrated translator (iCAT), and limited menu confusion for the most efficient and effective use of the user's time and money.

After no less than 6 months of product/service releases almost weekly, there will be a massive overhaul and upgrade available to the international satisfied customer-base...

A Fully Immersive 4D Version

With the initial 2D preview coming September 2023, get ready for just what the Blockchain is truly capable of delivering!

With the initial 2D preview coming September 2023, get ready for just what the Blockchain is truly capable of delivering!