an Online Force of Real People Improving Real Life

The True Power of People

together and with the like goals 

Incomparable & Unstoppable

91% of the entire online population uses some form of social media. Many as creators, for business advertising, for marketing/advertising, furthering an online presence or making their introduction to the world, or to just share their lives with their friends and families.  In some cases, all of the latter combined. Knowing that the growth of both the global community and the growth of these social platforms hasn't slowed and another 1.5 billion people who haven't made the internet part of their life yet will probably do so within the next 3-4 years. 

We Can Achieve Together isn't focused on numbers, just people. And upwards of 6 billion people between the ages of 14 and 65 could all use something more...

...something different...something exciting...something fruitful...something to be apart of...something profound...something worthwhile...

Something Life Changing without Changing Your Life!

Social media has had a 20-year run that is impressive given the increasing pile of negative conclusions drawn from participating in it. Due to the size of the user bases, it is expected to have some "issues" but the increasing nature of them is not part of it. Whether its being tainted with manipulation, flooded with fake news, creating a consistent conduit for the destruction of tens of millions of relationships, never ending corporate corruption, easily imposed government agenda-based information censorship, data breeches at various levels, account hack ease, account suspensions without warnings or live appeals, no live support or timely support for that matter, random and highly convoluted updates to security and privacy, personal information sharing, misleading financial advantages giving false hope, opinion and belief bullying of those who may disagree, etcetera.

People are becoming numb to the atrocities and purposely blind to the insanity of it all. With the available options limited and platforms resembling high school cafeteria assigned clique seating, what is a person to do who wants all the benefits that social media has to offer without all the drawbacks, disassociating and drama? 

WCAT has the answer and then some!

But First, a History Lesson:

The Extinction of Online Forums and the Birth of Social Media

Forums go back as far as the late 70's/early 80's with Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). During the time when to be "online" meant a dial tone, a bunch of screeching noises and then a tied up phone line for as long as the stable connection was possible. At a blazing 9.6kbps, a 1MB image would take a lightning fast 13 minutes. 

Some may even remember the more widely known versions introduced in the late 80's/early 90's when Internet Ready Chat (IRC) was made possible, nearly 2 million people were online and dial-up was hitting 14.4kbps (or 9 minutes to load a 1MB file). 

But the live interactive chat that shaped what we have today and what many probably recognize (AOL/Yahoo) wasn't available until the mid to late 90's as 56kbps (or 2 minutes to load a 1MB file) made its way into homes worldwide. The faster to load images and files, other than simple text, the more advanced the forums and chat platforms became.

It wasn't until the early 2000's when 1-1.5Mbs connection speeds become more normal. The faster load times helped pave the way for the mass adoption of the internet. Shortly after that, a plethora of more advanced interaction, graphic-heavy outlets popped up and forums started to dwindle. Social Media becoming the "go to" for online interactions.

2002 LinkedIn becomes the first social media site for career oriented individuals and those looking to increase their professional networks.  By 2022, over 900 million people use the site.

2003 MySpace made an introduction. Within 3 years becomes the most widely visited site on the internet. By 2020, "what's MySpace?"

2004 gave way to Facebook and within a year, 5% of the online adult population was using the social media platform. By 2008, took over the #1 social media hot spot from MySpace and never looked back achieving 2.5+ billion users globally by 2022.

2005 had the release of the closest thing to a forum called Reddit. Going strong with over 1.5 billion users by 2022, it seems to have just the right blend of community forum features and social media to stay relevant.

2006 "tweeting" began with the launch of Twitter and by 2022, gaining momentum with active monthly users exceeding 365 million.

2010 had two of the most popular platforms today go live, Pinterest and Instagram. Combined, over 2 billion monthly users by the end of 2022.

2012 the search engine powerhouse Google released Google+. Within 6 years, Google's social media attempt was no more. 1 of dozens of social media flops since the early 2000's. What hurt the very popular and reputable online superpower were a combination of data breeches, poor timing and fully established competition released years in advance. 

Reinventing Community

Social Media Repetitiveness

power abuse at the top, reality distancing in the middle, recycled everything at the bottom

Time for Real Positive Change

Some Bad Habits Just Need 

a Change in Scenery 

in a New Direction

When faced with less than ideal situations, recognize the routine of what you've learned to accept. Understand that a simple change, turn, or break can make all the difference in the world.

Community-As-One is a feature heavy, all-in-one forum based online community. Combine the leading social media outlets, remove all ads, add in access to financially beneficial options, live support and keep it driven by the community members - it's a start of what you can expect to find here. 


Community to the World

Since 2020, de-personalization, segregation, separation and distrust has been a worsening problem. One that has been compounded by the irresponsible nature of social media and the lack of repercussions for mischievous acts meant to pull people a part from one another.

Focused on bridging all gaps, healing those who are suffering and giving hope of a better tomorrow is a preview. Building a true community where support and stability are the foundation. Where trust, humility, and kindness are normal. And togetherness conquers all. 

1 Hand Extended Out

Turns Into 

4 Hands Extended Up

The basis of the company, the business initiatives and Community-As-One is "We Can Achieve Together". Plain and simple. No bells. No whistles. No hidden agendas. No ulterior motives. No capitalistic greed driven goals. 

1 helping hand, leads to 2 people achieving, leads to 4 hands reaching high in celebration! 2 helping hands, 4 people achieving, 8 hands pumping in victory. And so on...and so forth.. Together we control our destinies! Together we create a better tomorrow for our children and their children!

Collective of Individual Experiences That Create a 

Completely Satisfying Individual Experience

A stronger community isn't just from having millions or even billions of active members. A stronger community is built from each individual member. 

Not only has social media stripped individuality for conformity, personal gratification and peer approval needs, but it has created an identity crisis between the multiple lives people lead to meet those needs online, in real life and all the places in between. 

Community-As-One isn't about conformity to any one belief system. It isn't about "likes" or "loves". It isn't about "followers" or "shares". It isn't about superficial wants or desires.

It's about the greater good of the individual and, in turn, the greater good of the community. It's about interacting, supporting and sincerely respecting one another. It's about understanding, empathy, and reliability. It's about millions or even billions of individual leaders in their own lives all standing side by side leading the way into a better future for everyone.

Community Features

An Evolving, Feature-Rich Forum

embracing diversity, promoting the exceptional

People First Is Community First

Why So Serious?!

What made TikTok explode was its entertainment value. Ridiculous at times, maybe, but the silliness was enjoyable for millions. For most, actually getting in on the silliness was where the real fun was. 

Realizing that free entertainment is a high value commodity in many lives is why countless hours were spent surveying thousands on what kinds of entertain were...well...entertaining. Here's what the top 5 turned out to be: (community and individual)

1-Video Challenges

2-Cards (variety) 3-Slot Machines

4-Lottery-Like Drawings/Scratch-Offs 5-Raffles

6-Matching/Puzzles (runner-up #1) 7-Talent Show (runner-up #2)

Because the resounding approval for all of these and more, the goal is to have all 7 at beta by Community launch! And another 2 surprises.


There will be Challenge ME and Challenge US features that allow playful competition with additional bonuses, points and All-IN friendly wagers! Every member with good standing can be apart of up to 6 teams at any given time! 

Who's Ready to Play?!?!

Family Functioning + Friend Friendly + Weary Welcomed

Every new member will receive a warm welcome from one of our moderators (with an iCAT Translator if necessary) with a welcome packet on all the WCAT happenings and "Coming Soon!" insert. 

Each new member will be given a video walk-thru from the Executive Team on every step of the profile setup during the profile process to make it as easy as possible. Additionally, every aspect of the community will have similar video assistants that should answer every question and allow for a worry-free on boarding!

There are group memberships for Families, a circle of Friends, or any type of Group possible. It comes with certain perks and additional layers of options, security and privacy. Separate, solo accounts are available along side any group creation or joining. There are also team-based groups for a variety of uses (fantasy sports, game competitions, etc.).

One major aspect of social media people find intolerable, is the lack of easy access to put an account on hold, delete it or disable it. With only 2 accounts available per user, these features are available at the bottom of every profile with no nestled menus.

To list every feature, every social media headache fix, every perk, every prize/bonus would take hours to read through, we'd rather you come visit in July and see for yourself.

Social Media Missteps - Privacy Fixes

With another 30 social media updates for ironclad security and privacy, plan to never worry about another scam or fraud attempt, a unwanted private message or harassment.

More to Come...Check Back Soon!!