Collaborative Pursuit of Entrepreneurial Achievement

a Community Built Through Cooperation not Competition

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."

-- Courtesy of Napoleon Hill

The Consistent Growth Industry

As the Internet Economy or the Digital Economy sets its path on surpassing 20% (~$22 trillion) of the world's Gross Domestic Product within the next 18 months, the direction of today's and tomorrow's entrepreneurial spirit will most likely double those businesses online. Unfortunately, even with a projected 30 million jobs slated for creation online from this inevitable growth, the total small businesses set to benefit aren't proportional. The gap of successful business and unsuccessful ones will continue expanding. The potential for less than established businesses to find profitability lessens significantly. 

Of the preexisting 50 million online entrepreneurs (in some stage of business), the 44 million who are averaging less than $2,400.00 in net income for the past year will now be part of a pool of nearly 70 million all going after the same small piece of the same leftover crumbs the successful 6 million leave behind.

This is Why CPEAC is Being Formed and where the vision began becoming clear.

Cross-Platform Resource Sharing

With a massive marketing campaign surrounding the first business initiative release, the impending results of the WCAT Meme Coin causing a viral stir, and the expansion of the WCAT Community Platform to branch off into the CPEAC. Having hundreds of thousands, if not millions of members at this point gives the novice or business beaten entrepreneur access to an endless supply of customers, clients and general consumers in minutes.

Without any marketing or advertising ploys. 

Without any time gouging or financially expensive social media posts.

Without spending more than the 5 minutes it takes to fill out the personal and business profile section to gain entry.

Generating Immediate Interest and Sales Increases, Check  v/

Bottom Line Gets Better, Now What?

A Business Tool Package for Every Level of Entrepreneurial Ambition

Getting initial awareness and watching sales turn stale books into dreams of an early retirement is a perk but not a permanent solution to a previously unsuccessfully ran business. From a fresh out of high school teenage startup to a Masters in Business Administration degree hung on a corner office wall as the 10-year mark in the corporate world nears, there has always been something missing from business running "know-how".  

Until Now.

How Online Business Dominance Begins

The Early Stages

Mixture of ideas, drive, determination, planning and a solid support structure. Being the second business initiative, the first initiative release sets up the reputation, reputability, and trust. Which is followed by a boost in community size from the WCAT Coin holders and soon to be holders. The run off into the WCAT INC Community experiences even more memberships out of curiosity and current member word of mouth. As more and more new businesses, new entrepreneurs and a variety of struggling start-ups migrate, the collective becomes the real business. The members become public representation for each of their respective business focuses.

The Necessary Pieces

1st Component

Built-In Million+ Consumer Community 

2nd Component

Built-In Better Business Tools for Every Need

3rd Component

Profitability Highs +  Greater Efficiency +  Lower Resource Needs

4th Component

Gained Knowledge + Worry-Free Personal Time + Budget Flexibility

5th Component

Strategic Partnership, Key Business Merger, New Marketing Circle Intro

Pulling Ahead of the Pack

Business Progression

Business Evolution

Keeping Up with the Speed of Your Business Goals

Developing a business that exceeds all typical small business expectations is not easy nor very probable. If progress is the push, understanding all the elements of business is what keeps the forward inertia constant. The below subscription Tiers are meant to fit each phase of the business as available ancillary funds increase in size.  The more the business owner learns and implements into their day-to-day routines, the more cash flow is generated and the next subscription Tier expense is palpable. By Tier 6, the dominating business model is now ran by a business dominating CEO. 

All limitations - Lifted.  All Doubt - Erased.  All Potential - Realized.

A "People First Business" Generates Ideal Collaborative Business Model 

Every Community Member Matters!

Online Networking

By September 6, 2023

75,000+ Participants

Instagram Facebook

Twitter YouTube Tiktok

Pinterest Reddit

and Tumblr, LinkedIn, plus 4 more!

By September 25, 2023

450,000+ Members

General services, raffles, platform-based mobile games that tie-in to WCAT Coin to keep trade volume increasing, educational and informational resources, 24/7 Live Support, and more...

By October 3, 2023

350,000+ Holders

Investors, Day Traders, Dividend Seekers, Holders, Team Members and others. 


By October 6, 2023

25,000+ Members

Subscription services, built-in tools, collaboration and partnership evaluation assessments, poll and member vote direction say, WCAT promotion opportunities, 24/7 Live Support, and more...

Power to the People turns into People are the Power

Viral Marketing sparks the first business initiative so the WCAT Meme Coin finds mainstream spotlight within a week and legendary status within two weeks. That attention breeds WCAT INC exposure and they bounce popularity back and forth until CPEAC is released. As results pour out of that community of near 100% success rates, profitability margins at 40% and revenues over 1000% higher than pre-CPEAC, the engaged viral marketing meets the synergistic qualities of each initiative in time for the third release which will already be highly anticipated. 

As the numbers begin making headlines from all project launch successes, the hype mechanisms in cryptocurrency and online business communities will continue delivering more and more members.The only way to fail, is to not take care of the WCAT members and shareholders every step of the way. The epitome of We Can Achieve Together wont allow leaving even one person behind or left out.

Welcome to what true community means and real success feels like!!