Digital Futures

"so bright, you gotta wear shades"

WCAT Equitable Digital Solutions

Phase One - Digital Equity, Assets and Liquidity

The User-Focused, International Blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] 

What Type of Transaction Validation will be Used? Miners or Validators?

By using a Proof-of-Stake platform, block creators are called "Validators" and are required to own coins which will add price stability and increasing value. Unlike the Proof-of-Work platform that Bitcoin uses, PoS is a much more environment and energy friendly process. It also has higher security through community control and a less complex computational process for faster transactions. All the benefits of this approach limit the transaction fees and all trades result in more coins per buy and more currency per sell.

Will all digital asset, non-fungible, and cryptocurrency-related projects be on iEDS?

Yes! There will be a single, scalable, and highly secure Private Blockchain for all internal, all collaborated, all partnered and all community member developed projects. Furthermore, all of our Business-related, Self Expression-related, and external WCAT Business Venture-related software will also be built on and backed by the iEBS Block/WCAT INC International Business Company blanket.

When can the public anticipate a sneak peek or preview of the Blockchain?

Looking for a soft release mid to late September as a mostly bare bones, scalable foundation with limited functionality. It'll be a way to introduce the iEDS Chain and each of our individual WCAT Neighborhoods (Blocks) without too much noise from so many working pieces or complex developments. The only fully developed aspect will be the WCAT "CAT Meme Coin" and the International Trader Platform & Exchange (Trader PointX/iTPX). Look for LIVE releases of both around late September.

Brace for an Entire Digital Space All-in-One Investor-Friendly Place 

A Well-Deserved Vacation for the Non-Investor and an Endless Playground for their Investment

Building a diversified portfolio is essential to escape the day-to-day or week-to-week hustle of living payday-by-payday. The financial endgame is to make money earned, earn money for you! While you work, while you shower, while you sleep, etc. Always earning no matter what circumstance. 

For those who have never invested...who have never taken financial risks...who have never had the money to invest...

Welcome to New Financial Beginnings!!

The All-Inclusive Asset Exchange

WCAT Trader PointX (©iTPX)

an International Digital Trading 

Platform & Exchange

The iTPX will be setup as a Full Spectrum Digital Exchange of digitized goods and services. Offering all typical cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens with nearly no transaction fees (depending on exchange source). 

As a Hybrid Exchange both Decentralized and Centralized digital tradable goods, services and unique offerings are possible.  Plus, the variety offered from Market-View Real-Time Price & Value Lists will give every user a comprehensive cross-platform detailed analysis.

iTPX will be offered via the Web, mobile apps, PC's, and accessible via all mobile devices and respective accessory items. It will also be available as an interactive, virtual "In-Platform" trade (buy/sell), swap (exchange) or quick view list across all WCAT Communities.

Beyond individual trading, there will be investor and financial advisement tools. The features will be growing and evolving almost weekly. A preview of just the Live Day 1 release for the charting tools will be fully customizable with the initial options detailed below:

Time & Time Lapsed Views related to

1. Buy, Sell, and Overall Trade Volume

2. Asset Price/Value available in:

a.  250 Tradable Assets (crypto, commodities, top 100 stocks)

b.  150 Global Currencies

c.  4000 current real-world, real-time priced items (perishable to collectible to everyday to housing market and vehicles)

3. Available and Total Supply

4. The 3 chart types above compared to 250 tradable assets (2-a)

In Various Time Frames (if applicable)

1. Real-Time (Live)

2. Minute Intervals of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60

3. Hourly Intervals of 2, 6, 12, 24

4. Day Intervals of 1, 3, 7, 14, 21, 30, 60, 90

5. Yearly Intervals

a.  1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5

b.  Individual Year Selection (post-2010)

c.  All-Time

Other useful Market-View tools will be the completely customizable lists for the most personalized financial tracking WCAT could imagine. Up to 30 categories to filter on or include in the Market-View Real-Time Price & Value Lists. Up to 50 stored lists with avatars, profiles, and various description/comment tie-ins. This includes up to 20 personal portfolios of tradable assets, currencies, real-world items, and a mix of "Value In Asset" prices/values. 

Adding in Predictive Pricing Projections for all Items and Assets. The predictions are based on the Item/Assets 10-year historical reference, 5 comparable Items/Assets and 2000+ data point algorithms to generate the utmost accuracy. Future prices/values will start from 24 hours to 24 days to 24 months out with incrementally diminishing accuracy the further out the estimate.

The Re-Invention of the Crowd Favorite "Meme Coin"

WCAT Meme Coin (W-CAT)

"We Can Achieve Together" 

Cat Meme Coin

Interest Bearing + Redeemable Daily Dividends

(One-Click Cash-Out Available)

The first of many in-house designed and developed digital currencies and assets. This will be the standard for which all are developed, marketed, and released to the Community. 

All digital assets offered on the iTPX and built on the iEDS Chain are done so using the WCAT version of the Smart Contract, the Intelligent-Protocol Covenant (IPC).

Simply put, it is a program designed to create a set or sets of predefined conditions that if met, result in the accurate workflow and a resulting representation of the advertised digital asset specifications. Once an investor initiates trading of the digital asset, that becomes their agreement to the terms of the program or IPC and thus, a binding contract (or covenant). 

Points of Investor Interest

Buying W-CAT can be purchased using any currency directly through the upcoming, professional website investor portal or directly from iTPX. Conversion rates outside of BZD, will cost an additional 1% (or 1% less W-CAT) to cover any currency value changes. 

All buys & sells (trades) earn investors:

The dividends will be in Belizean currency and immediately accessible. BZD is valued at around 50% of the USD value. (ie) $1.00 USD = $0.50 BZD. It will be added in intervals throughout the course of every day based on the percentage of W-CAT coin ownership combined with 24-hour trade volume. 

The interest will be broken out as 2% on the total of BZD and 2% on the total W-CAT Coins held. Only stipulation is that it's compounded every 7 days and on investments that haven't been sold or swapped. The longer the digital asset and dividends are held, the greater the overall dividends and interest there will be.

One Wallet to Rule them All 

Your "Precious" in All Forms, Shapes and Sizes

WCAT U-CAIO Register 

The Universal Customizable All-In-One Individual Inventory Repository

(pronounced y-ew-k-AY-oh)

In order to freely access all aspects of the iEDS Chain, a customizable digital wallet would be needed to make all transactions in and out of each. In pure happenstance form, the acronym for this user-friendly application means "You Rejoice" or "You Joyful". Which, coincidentally, is the exact emotional response we anticipate from daily usage of this digital wonder.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] 

What type of Digital Wallet is this "Register"? Will it be difficult to use? Is it even a Wallet?

The easiest way to describe this wallet-like Personal Inventory or Register is to use the more popular, well-known existing apps like Google Pay or Wallet, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Or even PayPal.  This wallet will encompass many of those features, have a familiar user interface and be used in similar ways. Even the NFC option won't be new territory for many. For all those who use digital wallets on a regular basis and understand the inner-workings (mostly), the U-CAIO won't need a learning curve, just 15 minutes of your time to setup any one of the Register types available. 

The types scheduled for release will all be user front facing interface with remote, back-end data storage or "Hot Wallet". This approach allows for desktop, mobile, web, and "In-Platform" options while maintaining the maximum amount of security possible. Leaving all information behind layers of security monitored by software, a network and server cyber-security team, enterprise anti-virus, and randomly generated 256-bit momentary decryption access codes. And unlike nearly every wallet application available, the Register will allow account recovery. If the user becomes unable to access their information, profile or account for any reason, the support team will hold a video conference to expedite access to the account. There is a limit of 3 per year.

The final type available is the hard Register. Which is comparable to Cold Storage (not connected) and Hard Wallet (physical device). This will be a WCAT USB device with a 2TB storage that will require a finger print, the on device randomly generated (every 30 seconds) 16-character code to unlock for any readable interface to retrieve the next layer of security from it. After all security measures and identification validations have taken place, the user can download their entire register onto it and do what they will with it. There will remain a static copy for 90 days on the server before the information is purged should this be chosen. Reason being is it becomes an external security concern as nearly all professionally controlled measures are removed, transactions no longer take place on the ledger, and the user becomes isolated from support, information privacy and protection.

How safe will this be? Given that it will have all the information that makes me...well, me, this has to be 100% secure? Right?

The security is fairly standard for top secret government agencies and exists at the information storage level using a 256-bit (AES) encryption and decryption at rest and in transit. Additional client-side security layers prevent any unwanted intruders at bay through ##3-tier user device application access following preliminary 20-minute KYC (know-your-customer) identification verification. The next layer is the server-side security. This requires a VPN login, randomly generated security key, retinal scan, verbal phrase, and 16-digit numerical code that changes every 12 hours. 

Why will people want to use the U-CAIO? Will it replace the other Digital Wallet apps or is this another wallet app to confuse myself with?

What makes this digital wallet different is -

I] The ability store, access, link, and automated retrieval based on profile settings:

(1)Every account (2)Every card (3)Every digital asset owned, sold, or interested in (4)Every financial record (5)Every identification type (6)*Every security protocol (7)+Every privacy protocol (8)All networks/network usage/network securities (9)All real-time exchange rates (10)All digital fab/rsa information (11)All legal documents in electronic versions (has SnapPDF with Notary digital signature option) (12)All recurring bills w/account information (13)All receipts (14)All real-time stock, bond, futures, etc. prices (15)#1.5% Cashback on all transactions (16)**1.5% of transaction invests in W-CAT (17)Zero fees on all transactions but foreign payment gateways may have fees (18)Full analytics reporting on all Register features (19)Automated budget, expenses, income management with customizable warnings and celebratory name a few. There will be updates every 90-days once behavioral analytics can be used.

II] All available balances are pooled into one grand total. This includes of all stored and verified bank, debit/credit, gift, prepaid, other digital wallet holdings, loans, lines of credit, and more. The user can customize how much, in percent of total available per source, how funds are used to pay bills, buy goods/services, invest, recurring subscriptions, etc. This can also be setup as recurring for routine payments, investments and purchases. The reverse holds true for income from direct deposits, interest accrued, cash loads, e-check deposits, or dividends earned then to which funding source needing to be replenished. 

For those who prefer more traditional ways, can single, default sources to pay with or fund with. 

III] Personalized finance AI to calibrate spending habits, debt handling, saving or investment potential. Depending on user designated priorities, objectives and long-term goals, within 60 days, the individualized register will either guide all financial matters to maximize debt consolidation, increase available spending, and/or a lifetime nest egg for a stress-free retirement. All directions include projections, completed by date estimates, and all results of following the financial plan customized to the user from the immediate to the short term and beyond.

And plenty more with each new version release!

*devices, passwords, biometrics, retinal scan, username, sites/apps, change frequency, secret phrases, keyword or phrase answers, suggestions for varying security needs

+ all sites, devices, recent updates to policy, recent changes to privacy choices, recommended options for varying privacy levels with explanation

# cashback is in Belizean Currency or $BZD ($1.00 = $0.50 USD) w/free exchange to native currency, if chosen, with full account ledger and analytic options

** 0.5% required to be invested in W-CAT, 1% can be invested in other options at any time, full ledger and analytic options

## 3 of one of the following - fingerprint, retinal, 8-digit code, voice, 14 character minimum password, custom question/answers, or 14 character secret phrase

Phase Two - Physical Commodity-Backed Initiatives 

The "No-Native-Currency" Stable Coin Set (with an Introductory Element)

Gold Stable Coin (CBiAU)

a Commodity-Backed, Gold Coin

Pairing the digital currency CBiAU with the price of Gold. 

Live Gold Price sitting at $1932.00/oz

The CBiAU launch price will be at or around $0.069 for the equivalent of 1 milligram worth of Gold. 

Total initial supply will be 10,000,000 or 357.14oz of Gold or $1,380,000 BZD worth. 

Unlike other commodity-backed digital assets, WCAT will be purchasing 22.32lbs of Gold 48-hours before CBiAU release and make a video of the receipt of it!

Coming late August 2023!

Silver Stable Coin (CBiAG)

a Commodity-Backed, Silver Coin

Pairing the digital currency CBiAG with the price of Silver. 

Live Silver Price sitting at $23.28/oz

 The CBiAG launch price will be at or around $0.000831 for the equivalent of 1 milligram worth of Silver. 

Total initial supply will be 100,000,000 or 3,571.43oz of Silver or $166,285.71 BZD worth. 

Unlike other commodity-backed digital assets, WCAT will be purchasing 223.21lbs of Silver 48-hours before CBiAG release and make a video of the receipt of it! 

Coming late August 2023!

Graphite Stable Coin (CBiGR)

a Commodity-Backed, Graphite Coin

Pairing the digital currency CBiGR with the price of Graphite. 

Live Graphite Price sitting at $1.50/lb

 The CBiGR launch price will be at or around $0.00000336 for the equivalent of 1 milligram worth of Graphite.

Total initial supply will be 10,000,000,000 or 2,232lbs of Graphite or $6,723.21 BZD worth.

Unlike other commodity-backed digital assets, WCAT will be purchasing 1.116 tons of Graphite 48-hours before CBiGR release and make a video of the receipt of it! 

Coming late August 2023!

All WCAT Digital Asset releases will have the pairing options of the W-CAT Exchange Coin or one of the aforementioned Asset/Commodity-Backed Stable Coins. This means that given the total supply of the latter, more will be minted to meet demand well in advance. With projections of all 3 commodities looking to increase substantially over the next few years in market value, the new coin mint process will take place much earlier to secure a lower buy-in price for all investors. As 

"Like a Kid in a Candy Store!"

Except the Candy is Digital, Not Edible and Intended to Fill your Heart, Mind and Bank Account Not your Belly

Exposition of Digital Innovation & Collectibles

EDIC is a Virtual Showroom of Digital Innovation, 

Memorabilia, and Endless Variety

This online, showcase/trade show environment will allow the release of current, upcoming, and concept-only new forms of digital offerings by individuals, groups, businesses, casual creators or professional creators. 

Community polled and selected will be featured and heavily marketed weekly or monthly on The WCAT Emporium (ETTE). Allowing the creators access to promote their creations to the Global Community.

Initial offerings include but are not limited to

For each that achieve acceptance and success, there will be a quarterly and end of year "Innovate-Off" where the Top 3 of each Month are given 30 days to compete for a sizeable grand prize, job offer and advertised notoriety as "Supreme Innovator" until dethroned during the following year's competition. The top 3 of the year are automatically invited back to the year-end "Innovate-Off" Event. Further details in the upcoming weeks.

The Virtual Asset Advancement Sandbox (VAAS)

an Educational and Collaborative 

Idea Realization and Project Launchpad

VAAS is meant to bring like minds, like objectives and like digital asset adoration together in one place. A place where learning comes first, growth comes next and a fruitful, long-term partnership ensues. 

How it Works

Join any one of the WCAT Communities to create a profile, become KYC Verified and navigate to the "Interests" preferences to check the box "Ready to Play In the Sandbox". This will notify the team and place the user on a wait list for the next available spot. Since every accepted user will be considered a future partner, the need for one-on-one training, guidance and support will not allow more than a handful at a time to participate.

So what EXACTLY will the user be participating in?

Some Sandbox Features 

BONUS: The entire WCAT Community will support every project (promoting, advertising, investing, etc.) for every project launch!!!

Emporium of Tomorrow's Technological Excellence

ETTE is a Virtually Interactive Marketplace for Exhibiting Unique Creative Achievements 

The WCAT Emporium was born out of a need to give every talented human being on the planet an outlet to reveal those talents. In a structured, effectively marketed and permanently memorialized way. But most importantly, a way to show every creator that they can finally live their dream and be financially rewarded for doing it!

The offerings that will be available within the first 6 months following the tentative Go-Live Date nestled in mid-September 2023 will be in the thousands of individual digital pieces across all different artistic forms and styles. 

Below is the initial floor plan and the first 23 (next 30 preview coming soon) digital items slated for release through to the end of October.

The Emporium Gallery Floor

Introduction to True Creative Freedom: The History of the Artistic Mind

The hallway shows, in chronological order, the   art that changed the world in digital replicas. Eventually this will give way to showcasing all the new-age items promoted from the EDIC.

Non-Fungible Creations Across the Creative Digital Plain

NFC - Non-Fungible Collection NFD - Non-Fungible Art-Direction

NFF - Non-Fungible Fine-Art NFG - Non-Fungible Graphic-Art

NFL - Non-Fungible Literary-Art NFM - Non-Fungible Musically

NFP - Non-Fungible Performance-Art

NFV - Non-Fungible Video-Art

The Emporium Creators on Display - Series One

The People's  perfectPLAYground Opening Soon!

Q: Which Games Can the Community Expect? 

A: All of them!!! With twists, surprises, and endless levels!! Sequels, tournaments, live events and more!!!

Starting with the Top 40 Board and Card Games of All-Time releasing in October, there will be no shortage of Family, Friends and Friday night in Fun! 

This line of digitized + tokenized games are being branded as the


By January 2025

Player Options

...and so much more


an assortment of digitized and tokenized family favorites, casino gems and college party picks

Cross-Platform, Multi-Dimensional Game Development and Game Play Digital Arcade

The RULES (yuck!!)

Q: All these types of games have a mobile app already!

A: Have you ever played as the paddle or dart or pool cue? Have you ever been swished through a basketball hoop?

Adopting all bar-style, backyard ready, 90's teenager basement type games and turning them into completely immersive, 4D, "be the ball" (literally) interactive PURE JOY!

1st Half of 2024 


2nd Half of 2024 


...and so much more

Work Hard...PLAYharder

Initial Price and Value Breakdown

*grPate is short for Game-Ready, Play-Access Token. These tokens along with BZD are all that will be acceptable at any/all winnable-prize or wager-possible digital game

The grPat  is used much like any application with in-app purchase capable virtual/ digital currency. Examples like V-Bucks in Fortnite, Robux in Roblox, Minecoins in Minecraft, etc. 

The biggest difference with this gaming virtual currency is that it can be converted directly to $BZD in a single click. The next biggest benefit is that by investing in gPt, the investor earns reflections in  gPt, earns interest in grPat from holding, and the more investor interest the more of both the reflections and interest tokens.


an All-Access Gamer's Play-Pass Token

The gPt digital asset will arrive with the launch of the gPh. The reason being is every game that involves prizes can use this token to buy their way into every game. 

Additional Preliminary Token Details

Trading Pairs


(exchange coin 1) 



Investing Using Regular Currency

All currencies are accepted BUT a 5% bonus if using BZD as it will be a free currency exchange to BZD, a Belize bank account will keep all digital asset earnings tax free and all digital asset trades brokered through WCAT free from persecution or litigation no matter the investor's local or national digital asset regulations.

Putting the "FUN" back in Fund! 

Hedged Equity, Asset, & Liquidity Fund

a WCAT Personalized Offering

Limited Risk, Investor-Friendly, Fully Secured, "Fund Your Way" Investment 

To offer...

 every member of our expanding community the most opportunity to experience investment success, the HEAL Fund was created

To offer...

a low-risk, investment security high, and diversified options available, the HEAL Fund was financially secured

To offer...

those interested the most confident investment decision, the most "mind at ease" 3rd party money management service and the most potential for the maximum ROI possible, the HEAL Fund became client customizable