Real Virtual Discovery

an All-Peripheral and All-Pivotal Global Scavenger Hunt

Fun, Finance, and Freedom

play in life or online

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] 

What is the Real Virtual Discovery and What Does it Mean?

In short, the combination of the best parts of both the real and virtual worlds with a way to improve the player's real world with each new discovery that is made. In long, improving the virtual experience as the "Hunt" progresses throughout Q4 and into Q1 2024.

What Kind of Scavenger Hunt is this then?  Like Pokemon Go?

There will be virtual and real, physical items to retrieve around the world. The faster they are found, the greater the points, the bigger (and quicker) the payout! More details below.

Scavenger Hunt

the ins and outs

A Digital Grab-A-Thon

The Layout & Landscape

The Outdoorsy Type

1) Sign-up

2) Activate your phones location

3) Open the RVD mobile app or use the multi-platform site

4) And away you go!

Disclaimer: Hydrate, eat well, and bring survival gear in case you decide to win the Hunt on your first trip out. Maybe a device charger already powered.


Once the user profile has passed the approval process necessary to setup their Scavenger Hunt and their location has been revealed, the game map will be populated accordingly. Due to some remote locations, there will be a mix of online and in-person items made available.

Every player will be given a 98% fair Hunt. In the locations with limited physical commerce, there may be a 1-2% disadvantage so the other 98% will be weighted as 100% to even the playing field.

The Home Warrior

For those who don't have the time to venture out into the real virtual world, an entirely online based version exists. The level of difficulty will be greater, but within a fraction of a percent completely proportionate to the non-online or online/real world mix.

As the network builds, so will the available items, hints/riddles and friendly locations where they can be found. It will also enhance the discounts, free items and specials throughout. 

The Breakdown

* If a data connection exists, so doesn't The RVD Scavenger Hunt and a World of rewarding fun.

# Shortcuts are available, but it will cost you more each Tier and corresponding level.

~ Time sensitive but not overly sensitive...unless losing bonus money makes you sensitive!?

+ Each set of winners from each round will be invited to a Champions Round.

* The Scavenger Hunt is designed to reach every person on the planet who is older than 13 with access to mobile or stationary interfaces with a data connection. 

# It is also understood, that not everyone who can play will want to play through the entire game without expediting their game play. For these types of players, there will be "Buy Now" option per level and tier. Each level increases at 15% and each Tier starting at 200%.

~ Like the shortcut and much of the point system, there are additional bonus points available if items are found quickly. For example, if all Tier 1 items are found in under 24 hours, there is a 90 point bonus for Tier 1. If all items for Tier 1 and Tier 2 are found in less than 24 hours, there is a 700 point bonus. 

+ There are 3 Rounds with multiple winners each Round. The top 10 winners from Round 1, top 7 winners from Round 2 and top 4 winners from Round 3 will all get to compete in a "Winner Takes All" Champions League Scavenger Hunt finale. 5 Day Max, 30 Items to recover. Life changing Winner's Purse.

Additional Details Coming Soon...